Episode 141: guest megamix from Noyzlab

Episode 141 broadcasts on NTS on Tuesday 19th June at 00:01 UK time, with a guest mix in the second hour from Dave Burraston aka Noyzlab. Full tracklist and links below.

David Burraston is an award-winning artist/scientist working in the areas of technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. His experimental arts practice encompasses field recording, landscape-scale sound art, chaos/complexity, sound synthesis and electronic music. He performs, lectures, conducts workshops and creates art installations in Regional NSW and around the world. David also designs and builds sound synthesizers based on his theories of chaos/complexity. In 2014 he independently published the legendary SYROBONKERS!, the most technical and in-depth interview ever given by Aphex Twin. He has been operating Noyzelab as an independant art/science music studio since 1981 (www.noyzelab.com) and to the surprise of many is even on twitter @noyzelab.


Matthias Puech – Compte et Comptine pt.1
Nikmis – Hot Blood
Lia Mice – Lucky Bamboo
Bas Jan – Anglo Saxon Burial Ground (Lone Taxidermist remix)
Max Tundra – Loom
Tom Richards – Unresolved Resolution
Mosquitoes – Diodic
Aonghus McEvoy & Tristan Clutterbuck – Duos II
yan hart lemonnier – quelques astuces pour degonfler vos yeux
Lukas Rehm – Tachy
Dead Neanderthals – Organ Donor
Jodie Lowther & A.R.C Soundtracks – The Occasional Sleeper


Noyzelab megamix for Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone NTS Radio Show

Bryen Telko – Check salvageability => https://feraltapes.bandcamp.com/album/bryen-telko-find-any-tape-header

NYZ – NYZ​-​1_FM40Psubtree => https://noyzelab.bandcamp.com/album/xnotnl

NYZ – TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#28 => http://www.ge-stell.net/products/614994-nyz-csr-shaperz-cd

NYZ – RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] EMS Sweden Buchla 288v [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/rainwire-processed-ems-sweden-buchla-288v-excerpt

NYZ – FM80P::AUTOferon1a => forthcoming tape FORMANT DIS OI on Disformation

NYZ – RLD GLD::compandedTAB4 => http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2018/05/nyz-rld-gld-et-al-limited-tape-on.html

NYZ – RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] AFXs Fairlight #11 => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/rainwire-processed-afxs-fairlight-11


NYZ – COMPARATOR #2 => http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2018/04/nyz-dsp-trx-ltd-tape-on-psoma-psi-phi.html

David Burraston – Wagga Ham Shack => http://importantrecords.com/imprec/sauna42

NYZ – 0009A => https://flufrecs.bandcamp.com/album/aa0009

NYZ – FLD RCRDST::FM80PcellorgNSW => https://noyzelab.bandcamp.com/album/fld-rcdr

NYZ – SYRACUSE STORM [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/syracuse-storm-excerpt

NYZ – FM40P::BASScellORG1 forthcoming on Conditional

NYZ – MTNAM_2::FM60PP3 => https://noyzelab.bandcamp.com/album/mcrtnl-2

NYZ – RAINWIRE [PROCESSED] EMS Sweden Settels+Buchla et al [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/rainwire-processed-ems-sweden-settelsbuchla-et-al-excerpt

NYZ – ALTRONICS M0709 LEDs AKEMIEs DRN11 [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/altronics-m0709-leds-akemies-drn11-excerpt

Noyzelab – TTM Additive => http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/noyzelab-ttmsubtree-ltd-tape-on-psoma.html

NYZ – RAINWIRE [Processed] AFXs Fairlight #40 [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/rainwire-processed-afxs-fairlight-40-excerpt

NYZ – YARRANGOBILLY CAVES ECO-SEWAGE PLANT => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/yarrangobilly-caves-eco-sewage-plant

NYZ – TWL CROW1 et al [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/twl-crow1-et-al-excerpt

NYZ – IMPREC BERTOIA TABLE TONAL II [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/imprec-bertoia-table-tonal-ii-excerpt

NYZ – TWL SULPHUR-CRESTED COCKATOO’s ET AL [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/twl-sulphur-crested-cockatoos-et-al-excerpt

NYZ – BETHUNGRA DAM 6trk [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/bethungra-dam-6trk-excerpt

NYZ – BBpaperfaceDRN1rExc => http://noyzelab.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/nyz-pplz-synf-ltd-tape-on-psoma-psi-phi.html

NYZ – STONEY POND DAWN CHORUS [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/stoney-pond-dawn-chorus-excerpt

NYZ – LIMPETS MUNCHING ON ALGAE [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/limpets-munching-on-algae-excerpt

NYZ – FM60Pcellular => https://gammamine.bandcamp.com/album/drnh

NYZ – MARSDEN GROTTO ROCKPOOL [Excerpt] => https://soundcloud.com/noyzelab/marsden-grotto-rockpool-excerpt

NYZ – v2k5 PRRL PROC1 from CLLR TMTA forthcoming CD release on Entr’acte


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