Aonghus McEvoy & Tristan Clutterbuck – Duos

‘Duos’ is the first published document of Tristan Clutterbuck and Aonghus McEvoy’s exploration of the commonalities and disparities between chaotic synthesis methods and acoustic guitar. The two tracks were recorded in Belfast in November 2016 and are the result of a year’s worth of practice searching for a common tongue between the instruments. The improvisations here focus on explorations of restricted and repetitive blocks of material, finding connections in energetic and disruptive interchanges, sparse melodic passages and textural exchange.

Tristan Clutterbuck and Aonghus McEvoy improvise using synthesis and guitar. Their music is the result of a long-running partnership exploring their improvisational language. They use improvisation as a means to find a common language between disparate instruments, exploring the history, sounds, and techniques of their musical tools.

Tristan is a musician and instrument designer based in Manchester. He performs with self built chaotic / dynamical / nonstandard synthesis systems, and runs the fancyyyyy label and synth editions.

Aonghus is a guitar player based in Dublin. He explores the intersections between composition and improvisation, oblique restraint and histrionic rock excess. Aonghus is also a member of fabricated folk troupe Woven Skull.



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