Episode 178 – tracklist

Episode 178 broadcasts on NTS on Monday night / Tuesday morning 15th june 2021 from 01:00 to 03:00. Features homemade sculptural percussion, acoustic mudular system, “now that’s what I call is that what you call music”, hypnotic rhythms, played environment, and the silence of an empty concert hall. This month’s artwork is by musician and […]

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Episode 177 Tracklist

Episode 177 of Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone broadcasts on NTS.live on Monday night / Tuesday morning 18th May 2012, from 01:00 to 03:00. Tune in for an uninterrupted continuous mix of abstract electronics, improvisation in a few different flavours, prepared piano, harmonium, overbowed violin, turntable cutups, tape collage, field recording and noise. Complete […]

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Release: Stuart Chalmers – Suikinkutsu 水琴窟 (tape, bottle of cave water, digital)

ARTIST: Stuart ChalmersTITLE: Suikinkutsu 水琴窟(water cave harp) https://fractalmeat.bandcamp.com/album/suikinkutsu FORMAT: tape / bottle of cave water / digital LABEL: Fractal Meat Cuts RELEASE DATE: 20th April 2021 FMC60: Edition of 60 cassettesFMC60: Edition of 20 bottles of cave waterBoth with digital versions of the album Keywords: dripping caves, polyrhythm, field recording, improvisation SUIKINKUTSU- “water harp cave”A […]

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Episode 176 – tracklist

Episode 176 broadcasts on monday night/tuesday morning 20th April 2021, from 1am to 3am on NTS.live. by Image by Bukki Adeyemo (re_registered_nurse). Tracklist below. Epsilon-Delta – 4-7=0.571428…Elizabeth A. Baker – Lateral Phases & Beat FrequenciesEilien – SMSBeachers – The InterviewKyle & Wilbur – Crackerjack PencilRédha M – موجة هيرتزعلى الطريق الحارقةPauline Oliveros – Bye Bye […]

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Episode 175 – with live set from Jake Williams: Shazam Walks & Voice Notes

Episode 175 broadcasts on Monday night / Tuesday morning 23rd March, from 01:00 – 03:00 on NTS.live. With a live set by Jake Williams made from street recordings and songs he’s found through shazam playing from people’s cars, windows and radios. Full tracklist below. Artwork this month is a collage by Henry Liam Collins. Check […]

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Episode 174 – tracklist

Epside 174 of Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone broadcasts on NTS1 on Monday night/ tuesday morning 23rd February. Tune in for abstract electronics, field recordings mostly of animals, contemporary classical electronic composition, tape music, live coded works and more. Will be available to stream online shortly after along with other recent shows here. Image […]

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Episode 173 – tracklist

The first Fractal Meat of 2021 broadcasts on Monday night 25th / Tuesday morning 26th Janaury from 01:00 to 03:00 over on NTS.live/1 – tune in for experiments / rhythms / drones / electronics / feedback / bass and noise. Artwork by Graeme Hopper. The show will be up to stream here shortly after, where […]

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Episode 172 tracklist

Episode 172 broadcasts on Monday night / Tuesday morning 1st December from 01:00 to 03:00 – tune in at NTS.live or check here for the archive shortly after. Full tracklist below. morosphinx – vilvoorde A2Nicke Sandberg – конецTachycardie – Pas elévé, se nourritCraig Scott’s Lobotomy – I AM REVOLTINGU-MANO U-DITO – Io sono il braccio, […]

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Episode 171 – tracklist

Episode 171 broadcasts on NTS1 on Monday night / tuesday morning 3rd November, from 01:00 to 03:00. Tune in live or check here shortly after for the archive show, full tracklist below. Cos Chapman – Regulation Of Wheal And FlareSonja – A Robot Coming To Life In The ForestAKB – Tropikerna (Slim Vic Remix)Sly & […]

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