Episode 155 info and tracklist

episode 155 broadcasts on NTS at 1am-3am on Tuesday morning 13th August. The first hour of the show is a fairly broad mix of scratchy improv, weird computer music, noisy electronics and some turntable players. the second half is mainly things I came across in a recent trip to Moscow – people I met or […]

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FMC43: Mariam Rezaei – BLUD

BLUD is Mariam Rezaei’s first solo turntable release, bringing together experimental and Hip Hop turntablism through free improvisation and noise. BLUD explores mixed-biological, cultural and geographical heritage. Mariam Rezaei is a composer, performer and improviser. She runs TOPH, a producing, mixed-use Arts space based in Newcastle, and works predominantly with turntables, electronics, instrumental ensembles and […]

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Episode 153: guest mix from Ice_Eyes

Tune into episode 153 on Monday night / Tuesday morning 19th June at NTS.live from 01:00 to 03:00. Full tracklist below with the second hour coming from Ice_Eyes. Ice_Eyes are Spiros A. and Anastasios T., both based in Athens, Greece. The duo produce electronic music within a contemporary rhythmic context, combining elements from abstract techno […]

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Episode 151 – Guest mix from Group A / Sonic Electronics Festival preview

Episode 151 broadcasts on NTS 1 from 00:00 to 02:00 on Tuesday morning 23rd April. This month the second hour of the show is a guest mix from Group A. group A are a Berlin based experimental music act formed in Tokyo in 2012.  Tommi from the band put together early 80’s experimental industrial/noise, Y.M.O. related Japanese […]

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