Episode 191 – tracklist

Episode 191 broadcasts on NTS on Monday night/Tuesday morning 12th July 2022, from 01:00 – 03:00. Full tracklist below:

Rie Nakajima – Shells
Javier Bustos – Teoría del anhelo f
RIM ACD – Vale
Ekoplekz – Inside The Bunker
Howlround – Mega Fickle Vouch
Elizabeth Joan Kelly vs The Burning Trestle – Portabella House By-The-Sea (After The Burning Trestle)
Scott McGough – adoration track three
Lý Trang – Obuki
Suren Seneviratne – MU15_SQ1_Minor_2V String
Catherine Clover – Yuen Po Street
Manja Ristić – Hope
Natalia Beylis & Embla Quickbeam – Settle Sparrow
Chase Coley & Pascal Colman – Motes
Paul Nataraj – Rosary 1
sanr – buhur
Soloman Tump vs Klaus Von Mork – Little Owl (Stolen Pellet Mix 2)
Hydra – airforce ones
Isn’tses and Pillars of Golden Misery – forest exerpt


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