Episode 125: Guest Dave Burraston (NYZ, Noyzelab, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko)

Joining me on his UK and European tour, experimental synth legend Dave Burraston plays some exclusive tracks and talks about his work with cellular automata and more. David is currently engaged in a Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW. On the tour, Dave was composing at EMS in Stockholme,  and field recording with Chris Watson in the Humber Estuary.

You can listen to the show live on NTS from 1am to 3am on Tuesday 28th February. Or catch up on the stream shortly after here. Tracklist below.


Dane Law – r.bit 2.2

****Guest: Dave Burraston

noyzelab – inline xmitter malfunction
unreleased, tbr => detroit underground tape
bryen telko  – realtime jiffy clock RLD GLD
david burraston – chaotic  cellular groove 1#12
from chaotic cellular drums tape unreleased, tbr on alku
 NYZ – Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::A Critical Biography
NYZ –  NYZ-1_FM20Pcellular
NYZ – MTNAM_7_SRi::station=>MONO
MCRTNL tbr spring 2017 on Entr’acte
NYZ  – MTNAM_6_SRi::stationONE_is_ON
MCRTNL tbr spring 2017 on Entr’acte
NYZ – FLD RCRDST::On Walden Snow
FLD RCDR  tbr spring 2017 on Entr’acte
NYZ – NYZ-1_1#08_A [finite downsized]
david burraston – HUMBER-BRIDGE-excerpt-4-NTS-simple-mix-V2
unreleased, recorded during mentorship with chris watson on humber estuary
some very ruff mixdowns from ems stockholm, recorded during ems guest composer residency, stockholm, sweden feb 2017:
david burraston –  TX-TRAX-9-2-2017-2mixes-BRASS-CA
david burraston –  11-2-2017-BUCHLA200-take2-ROBERTA-et-al-QUIK-mix
david burraston –  TX-TRAX-9-2-2017-2mixes-PERCS+SHAPESHIFTER-CA
david burraston – A3-BUCHLA100+ARP2600+MANIAC-TRK4-cellklunka
recorded at mills college 2015, tbr important records
david burraston – JH-MATRIX-FX_1#01
unreleased 2015
david burraston – wavemaker4-2ndlot_1#07-funeral-march
unreleased 2015
Belisha Beacon – Hands On Hands Off
Carmina Escobar – Disturbancias
A Year In The Country – The Chatter Amongst The Land
Diana Policarpo – Resonant Objects (Beating Back Darkness)
Sarah Hennies – Paths
Jerman • Barnes – exclusive recording for Fractal Meat



David Burraston is an artist/scientist involved in technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. He had an innovative role in the foremost UK telco’s R&D laboratory (BT Research Laboratories) in diverse areas such as Artificial Life, Complex Systems, Virtual Reality, Spatial Audio and Information Visualisation. He was part of the team that designed and built ‘The Wires’ installations at The WIRED Lab. His PhD thesis developed and applied fundamental new concepts, arising out of generative music practice, to a key problem in complex systems. He has been operating Noyzelab as an independent art/science music studio since 1981.


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