Release: Ewa Justka – Acid Smut

New on cassette or download, Ewa Justka presents four tracks of handmade-hardware electronic music: acid, techno, gabba, industrial, noise. Running at 43 minutes, the yellow tape comes with printed labels and inlay card. Pre-order now from Fractal Meat, or buy on the launch night, 15th April at Dismantle Yourself, Somerset House.   Ewa Justka is […]

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Release: Algobabez – Burning Circuits

New on tape and digital, a two-trrack album from live-coding duo, Algobabez. Burning Circuits is a pair of 20 minute algorithmic jams using both SuperCollider and hardware, creating abrasive, jacking and disconcerting dancefloor music. Preorder from 28th March, released 15th April. This tape is released for Dismantle Yourself, a night of deconstructive rave in the Deadhouse […]

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Episode 125: Guest Dave Burraston (NYZ, Noyzelab, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko)

Joining me on his UK and European tour, experimental synth legend Dave Burraston plays some exclusive tracks and talks about his work with cellular automata and more. David is currently engaged in a Regional Arts Fellowship. This Regional Arts Fellowship is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW. On the tour, Dave was composing at EMS in […]

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