Episode 176 – tracklist

Episode 176 broadcasts on monday night/tuesday morning 20th April 2021, from 1am to 3am on NTS.live. by Image by Bukki Adeyemo (re_registered_nurse). Tracklist below.

Epsilon-Delta – 4-7=0.571428…
Elizabeth A. Baker – Lateral Phases & Beat Frequencies
Eilien – SMS
Beachers – The Interview
Kyle & Wilbur – Crackerjack Pencil
Rédha M – موجة هيرتزعلى الطريق الحارقة
Pauline Oliveros – Bye Bye Butterfly
Charlie Behrens – normal
GRMMSK – RUN -down-
Pö – Laydo
Stuart Chalmers – Febuary 2
Rosso Polare – Lettere Animali No. 4
YOU&TH – Midnight, January 31st
Sylvia & I – Left Out (Sylvia Hallett remix)
ÜBÜRĞRÜND – Masumiyet Müzesi (Resim bir)
Chantelle Gray – Devastating Side Effects
Sculpture – Instability
Yakui – PLUR Chrysalis
The Auroch – aura
Testrack – tran2
Jelani – Teleportation Device
Megaheadphoneboy – Merember
Jakoby – Outside Attempts
Marronage – A.P
Joe Coghill – Conrad Snea

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