Episode 175 – with live set from Jake Williams: Shazam Walks & Voice Notes

Episode 175 broadcasts on Monday night / Tuesday morning 23rd March, from 01:00 – 03:00 on NTS.live. With a live set by Jake Williams made from street recordings and songs he’s found through shazam playing from people’s cars, windows and radios. Full tracklist below.

Artwork this month is a collage by Henry Liam Collins. Check out his work on instagram or his website.

Busy Microbes – Swing
Lauren Sarah Hayes – Don’t Glitsh On My Cascade
glia – MOON OVER AIJALON w/ Carlos Niño
Erm & Nickname – Holes
LuisaMei – Resonator
Left Hand Cuts off the Right – Finally Cracking Apart
The Blue Tapes House Band – Earthtone
The David Scott Cadieux Center for Field and Room Recording – Sympathetic Magic
Beatriz Ferreyra -MurmureIn
Guy Birkin – Greenhouse Gases CH4 1983-2016
Oscillatorial Binnage (Daniel Wilson-Fari Bradley-Toby Clarkson-Christopher J Weaver) – Abscission Two
beth gripps – the introjection
Jake Williams – Shazam Walks & Voice Notes Live for Fractal Meat
King Rambo Sound – Rest
DNCN – Echo Chamber Four
chaz dolo – shakes ( i am the business)
Obay Alsharani – Speak Your Truth
course correct – A Handkercheif On Her Night Table (Frieda excerpt 2)
Lou Barnell – Takis

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