Episode 174 – tracklist

Epside 174 of Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone broadcasts on NTS1 on Monday night/ tuesday morning 23rd February. Tune in for abstract electronics, field recordings mostly of animals, contemporary classical electronic composition, tape music, live coded works and more. Will be available to stream online shortly after along with other recent shows here. Image is by Lee MackinnonCirculation – Paper Collage 2021.


Aram Saroyan – Crickets
czn – materialistic b
Andrea Bruera – Elephants in Warszawa Zachodnia
Langham Research Centre – Zugzwang
UltraLux – Kompromat
Elham – پُتو
Belly Full of Stars – Pattern 2
Declan Synnott – Dilation Language
there are no birds here – Dag
FenGi – mnk
Frazer Merrick – Music for 18 Flamingos
Yvette Janine Jackson – Destination Freedom
C. Reider & Christophe Petchanatz – No Windows, No Doors
dogs versus shadows – Vacuum Tube
Inkasso – Schöner Hausen
Jonathan Deasy – A Strange Place
sanr – çakal
Machinefabriek – With Drums JS EV JW (with Julian Sartorius, Els Vandeweyer, Jim White)
K.L. Stijl – Tensor (Two Fields)
QOW – Kapten
[object Object] – and one
Shammen Delly – Seance Weather Report
RIM ACD – Vale
leptonleptonlepton – Sun peaks v1
Andrew Haines – Phantasm

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