Episode 173 – tracklist

The first Fractal Meat of 2021 broadcasts on Monday night 25th / Tuesday morning 26th Janaury from 01:00 to 03:00 over on NTS.live/1 – tune in for experiments / rhythms / drones / electronics / feedback / bass and noise. Artwork by Graeme Hopper. The show will be up to stream here shortly after, where you can also play back other recent shows. If you enjoy listening please drop me a line – likewise if you want to submit any sounds to the show. Full tracklist below – please grab these tracks off bandcamp if you want to/can.

I N S T I T U T R I C E – Cortège de tête
DarkTwaine_ – The Demiurge’s Chains
Colin Webster – Lapis Lazuli
meroitic – brought up by it
NYZ – TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#20
Jayve Montgomery – Still Waiting On Clean Water In Flint
hissquiet – walk beneath dreams (repose)
Rendeece – Bir müslümanın görüşü
Scott McGough – iaabb 2
Mira Martin-Gray – Combinations in 3-8, forte (feedback)
KIKI KUDO – Urban Magnetic
Preservation Society – Hello
Justin Paton – Acidassauge
Venus Ex Machina – Avril
Elinga Elgina – Blang
USRNM – Substance Of Yous
Nemerov – Automated Dances AD05
Diessa – so long as we believe
Seth Cooke – Return of the Jihadi / No Platform
JoAnn McNeil – Lavender Skies
Many Blessings – I Love you too much to let you near me

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