Selection of Peruvian experimental music from Luis Alvarado, Buh Records


Episode 140 features a selection of tracks from Luis Alvarado, of Buh Records, Peru. tune into the show from 00:00 to 02:00 on Tuesday 22nd May at Full tracklist below.

Buh Records is a record label and concert producer, based in Lima, Peru. Founded by researcher, journalist and sound artist Luis Alvarado, in 2004. Buh Records since birth to the present has been an active platform for various experimental and radical music: noise rock, industrial music, noise, space rock, free improvisation, Sound poetry, electronic music, etc. The activities of the label range from record production, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, as well as development of research projects and documentation on the history of avant-garde music in Peru. Buh Records has published more than 100 albums by artists from Peru, Latin America and the world. As label has received the attention of important media like Inrockuptibles, Remezcla, The Wire, Noisey, The Quetius, Neural, etc.


Buh Records Catalogs the Expansive World of Peruvian Avant-Garde Music
View story at



Jeph Jerman – Winterist B [Winterist, Falt]
Andreae, Birchall, Nakamura, Willberg – Fluent Still Spill Sealent [Live at Ftarri, Raw Tonk]
Robin Buckley, Susan Bennett & TÕLE – Intimacy of Plastic and_or Dildos (Part I & II) [Queer Plastic Vol.1]
Ian Watson – 2 [Untitled, ANTI]
SWAB – Breccia [Hornfels, SWAB]

*** Ingrid Plum TAUT exclusives***
Scores by:
Jez Riley French
Lisa Busby
Graham Dunning

ZOHASTRE – Forest, Forest, Forest, Forest, Forest [Pan And The Master Pipers, Zamzamrec]

*** Buh Records guest selection***
1.- El Polen – La Puna (From “Fuera de la ciudad” (1972), Reissue 2018) LP
2.- Arturo Ruiz del Pozo – Clarinete Cajamarquino (From “Composiciones Nativas” (1978), Reissue 2018) LP
3.- Efrain Rozas – I enjoy the world (from “I enjoy the world”, 2017) CASS
4.- Hamann – Visiones de la realidad (from “Contacto Lejano”, 2017) CASS
5.- Ale Hop – Migration Data (from “Bodiless”, 2018) CASS
6.- Puppies in the sun – Unheard EP Excerpt (from “Unheard EP”, 2018) CASS
7.- Dante Gonzales – Espectros Digitales (from “Fantasías Mentales”, 2018) CASS
8.- Sexores – The Great Blue Hole (From “East / West”, 2018) CD/LP
9.- Nicotina es primavera – Violencias (From “Perder Planetas”, 2018) CD
10.-Teté Leguía/Martín Escalante – Estuve con la pálida (From “Teté Leguía / Martín Escalante”, 2016) CD
11.- Liquidarlo Celuloide – Vidrios rotos sobre cromo curvo (from “Superfricción”, 2017) LP
12.- Montaña Negra – Un buen ejemplo (from “Canciones de Berlín”, 2017) CD

hmurd – gong8 [CODE093, Co-Dependent]
Sculpture – Viscous Outrun [Nearest Neighbour, not yet released]
Moose Terrific – The Merchant of Venus [The Drinks, Fort Evil Fruit]
Lukanto – Porterratia [Lukanto, Fort Evil Fruit]


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