Episode 139 with A’Bear LIVE, tracklist etc.

Episode 139 broadcasts on Tuesday morning 24th April from 00:01, tune in via NTS. Or check here for the stream soon after. With an exclusive live set from A’Bear.

A’Bear is a Muti-continental avant- synth pop artist and DJ based in London. Twisted rhythms and wonky vocal loops are often the basis of this quirky pop production. Inspired mostly by romance and the cosmos her music delves deep and goes boldly often to far out places and warps its way back somewhere between that fine line of pleasure and pain. Freshly squeezed, full flavoured and oozing a unique drop of polyrythmical dream like synth pop for those in need of a glitchy thirst quench.

A’Bear: FB | TW | SC | RA


Dave Jackson & Wayne Rex – Glass Beehive
Sugai Ken – crep_55_b4_m_v2
Dyl – Asymmetric Attitudes
Dead Neanderthals – Life
NYZ – XTWtabDRN [fortcoming on Fractal Meat]
Phil Maguire – structuur
Paul Nataraj – Lil Louis
Graham Dunning – Escaped Clanking Replicator
Howlround – Cold Kissing
Magpahi – Shepsters in the Yessins
David Colohan – On Stormy Point
Mt Accord – Postcards From a Dream II
Xqui – Britannia Part 2
Nil By Nose – Robo Blackbird
*** A’Bear – live for Fractal Meat ***
Sim Hutchins – Lost Squat Dog
qualchan. – this too shall pass.
Tasos Stamou – A Call
Tallawit Timbouctou – Takamba WhatsApp 2018 EP Side 2
Second Storey – Covehithe (Shelley Parker Remix)
Wiliam Fields – Catenary
Will Over Matter – Black Candles And Ritual Metal
Charismatic Megafauna –  Context


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