Guest Charlotte CHW aka Dedhedder

Guest for December’s show is multidisciplinary artist Charlotte CHW. Tune into NTS from 1am to 3am on Tuesday 5th December for the last show of 2017. Stream the archived show here shortly after. / tracklist below

Originally trained classically on instruments until partially incapacitated by arthritis, Charlotte CHW started by soundscaping her own performances. Some of the work you will hear is reworked soundscapes from performances. In a duo called Hysteresis 2014-2016. Now makes work solo, often under the moniker Dedhedder. Lo-fi recording techniques including tape. Embracing the difficulties of recording a live project.

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Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971
ORE – Khyam
The Caretaker – Surrendering To Despair
Roe Enney – Nothing Stops U
John Adams – Phrygian Gates
Emptyset – Axis
Ex Continent – Forma
Karen Gwyer – The Workers Are on Strike
Basic Rhythm – bury him
Akatombo – debug.injector

*** Guest Charlotte CHW ***
Dedhedder – noNO now 2017 Rework
Dedhedder – Need
Dedhedder – Memory Games 2017 Rework
Dedhedder – Go Again
Dedhedder – Not coming ho-
Dedhedder – The Electrician

_DS – King George V in a large imagined floating resonant space
Harky – Kalvin’s Advice
David Birchall, Andrew Cheetham, Colin Webster, Otto Willberg – low level curlew
Paul Margree – We Weren’t Really Dressed For The Weather
now – Time I Think It Was Sesame 05 .
C. Reider – February 26 k TB-303
Sad Man – CMD (infected)
The Slowest Lift – Punched




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