Episode 134 with Steph Horak live set recording

Tune into NTS from 1am to 3am on Tuesday morning 7th November for an episode full of drone, textures, electronics, noise and rhythm. With an exclusive live set by Steph Horak, recorded in Karlsruhe, Germany a couple of weeks ago. Full playlist below.

Steph Horak is a sound and video artist, focused on creating systems for voice, whether through the use of home-made software or combinations of hardware and DIY electronic instruments. Stylistically, her sound edges somewhere between experimental electronica, songwriting, punk and conceptual art. These experiments can be found under the moniker SheIsRevolting.  Her video work frames mundane experiences into hypnotic, endless dream sequences, and she has a great interest in exploiting the limitations of technologies, such as iPhone cameras or effects pedals. Horak is a producer for arts organisations, universities, charities, and independent artists.



Lung Dart – Healthy Functional Tissue – Bianca Scout
Stuart Chalmers – Yorkshire folk song played and sung by the cloud forest nomads
Bernard Baum – Atoll (Beatless Mix)
Caroline McKenzie – blistered in the heart
JV Lightbody – Darkening of the Light
Sharon Gal – Bloo (forthcoming on Fractal Meat)
Medial Ages + Claude Heiland-Allen – live in the Noise Shed
midwich – oTo-T50
Steph Horak – Live at Letschebach, Karlsruhe
Kleft – Obey, Consume, Sleep
silentology – percussion solo
The Large Veiny Members – Maybe Gravy
Richard – Intensity Fine
The Slits – In the Beginning (peel session)
Empathic Window – 0002AA

Photo by P. Tresset


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