Episode 132: Spatial mix for Unconscious Archives Festival

Episode 132 broadcasts 1am – 3am (UK time) on Tuesday 12th September. Featuring a selection of tracks by artists participating in Unconscious Archives Festival, mixed by Spatial. Info about the festival and full tracklist below.

Unconscious Archives Festival 2017 explores materiality and embodied liveness across sound art and electronic music, experimental new media and audiovisual art through three live events – Compositional Constructs, Haptic Somatic and Narrativize, as well as an exhibition Emotion + the Tech(no)body showcasing over thirty international artists.

Full info and programme here.

Matt Spendlove aka Spatial is an electronic musician and multimedia artist from London whose work pushes the dynamics of sound system culture incorporating low frequency vibration, hacked code, and optisonic experiments. An unconventional artist in the turbulent realm of bass music, Spatial combines a preoccupation with emergent behaviour, rule based repetition and chaotic systems with an ability to shape dubbed out, cracked and reductive sonics into audible geometric form. Through textured intricate production, Spatial’s releases and live sets bring corporeal presence carved out with a minimalist’s scalpel.

Listen to A Music of Sound Systems by Spatial



Spatial – Doping ConductorSpatial – Doping Conductor
Isnaj Dui – Sunspot Loops: Loop 4
Masaki Uchida – Ecilahc

Martin Glass – Greetings From Under The OceanEumig – Retrograde
Nummo Twin – Yellow Roses
Kate Armitage – Come and give me some of that good stuff you got
Bredbeddle – Feely
Shelly Knotts – Through The Hub Remix
Rosen – Exertion

****** Spatial mix for Unconscious Archives Festival ******

Marta Forsberg – Disquiet (Heart)
Myoptik – Muted Prelude to Moorland Gorge
Second Storey – Wherever You May Be
Assel – Pantoffels
Myriam Bleau – Constructivism
Graham Dunning – Crude Oil
S Olbricht – Purpleblue
ADMX-71 Nuclear Hysterics
Bungalovv – Ulna
Laurie Tompkins – War
Lakker – Empress
Spatial – 291 Anu (KABLAM Remix)
Jörg Piringer – Õ
Ziúr – U Feel Anything
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – FrolicInBrine
Life Education – Soul Evaporation
RISC (Billy Roisz & dieb13) – Birthday Boy

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