Episode 130 – Tracklist

B£AMS – Parents
Giovanni Lami – Hysteresis II
lopness – im ich soz
Nidopallium – Arboretum

**** Insitu Records tracks *** –
I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot) – C (Anomali)
I Putu Suwarsa (Bayem) – Konstelasi
Tripittaka (I Made Terip) – Nong Cret
I Made Subandi (Subandi) – Babuang

Roméo Poirier – Atsipades

**** Guest mix – ISSHU ****

Sylvia Hallett, Clive Bell – …3,000 Cocoons (Remix)
Aportrait – OFS-4
Soft Cell – Paranoid
Sim Hutchins – Some Men (me) Just Want to Let the World Burn

*** Global Forests live sessions ***
Sascha Brosamer – live at Global Forest
Alexande Bellenger + Oliver Augst – live at global forest
Norman Müller – live at global forest

Eden Grey feat Moon Age – Here and Gone
Isn’tses – 3rd Ƀyte



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