Episode 129 – tracklist

India Jordan – See Four
sunmoonstar – Oзеро
Ambienti Coassiali – Stanza 3
Janek Shcaefer – sparkles into the light of night
Anna Peaker – Quiet Music
Umfang – Weight
Lomita – The Death of Our Universe
Jo Thomas – Violence is not Love
THF Drenching – Gently Indented Extortionate Stool (edit)
C. Reider – MRP Loops
Amy Jean – interlude
Graham Dunning – Cell
Daniel M Karlsson – Gaining traction with the local branches
The Dead Mauriacs – Chalet polynésien à pignon pour séjou
Luca Nasciuti – Under your skin I cannot touch
Well Hung Game – Tear The Farmer From His Horse
zOHastre – Ghost Road
Unfollow – I&I Fluid Co.
xß – Battery Acid
_Frictionsound_ – Adjunct (Repeat)
Naomi Kashiwagi – Swan Lake (Gramophonica Remix with DIY Acetate Film Stylus)
Phil Julian – EA
Pyramid Scheme – Life Sequence


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