Episode 127

Episode broadcasts 1am to 3am (BST) on Tuesday 24th April 2017. Tune in at NTS.live.
Archived show available soon after, here.


Karl M V Waugh – dusk
People Like Us – Nothing
Chlorine – Bank Holiday
Masayuki Imanishi – clips side B
James Wyness – wave
Skyhighdiamonds – Searchlight
Ian Watson – Panamix
Tereshkova – Mint
RAW SILVER – Thanatos
Sophie Cooper – EVP Jams In Kitchen
Sophie Cooper & Delphine Dora – Killeagh
Shereen Elizabeth – Body
Golden Oriole – The Approaching Of The Disco Void
Dale Cornish and Phil Julian – 6.2.17
Phil Maguire – structuur
Robert Ridley-Shackleton – The Deighty Of Pearls
Yol – of course all the sirens
butrinith – ( des religieuses marchent dans la rue )
VCOADSR – Serious lies
Ewa Justka – Horny 4



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