I’ve had it up to hear with fish & chips – Ben Knight & Tom White.

In addition to the set from Elektroniki, this month’s show will also have some exclusive new live recordings from vocal and electronics duo Ben Knight & Tom White. Tune into NTS from 1am to 3am on 28th March to listen to the show. Recent archived shows are here. ///

I’ve had it up to hear with fish & chips is a Hörspiel exploring the role of listening within professional acts of caring. It draws on my experience as a social worker and asylum support volunteer and is composed of interviews with care workers of all kinds. People were then invited to record themselves reading/singing the script in any way they wanted. This material was used as the raw material a live performance and recording”.
Ben Knight is a Manchester-based musician, researcher, and social worker who has previously worked as a play worker and volunteered with asylum-seeker support charities. He is interested in the politics of listening, singing and publication as a form of performance. He plays music as one third of Human Heads and Katz Mulk and co-edits the DIY journal DANCEHALL with the artist and musician Hannah Ellul.
Tom White lives and works in London. His work traverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. He has exhibited and performed internationally and published many sound works since 2009 (Vitrine, Chocolate Monk, My Dance the Skull, Alien Passengers). In 2014 he won the British Composer Award in Sonic Art for his piece Public Address, commissioned by the South London Gallery. Performance credits include appearances at NZZN Festival, Rotterdam; Colour out of Space Festival, Brighton; Ende Tymes Festival, New York; Poesia Carnosa Festival, Rome; Spoken Weird, Whitechapel Gallery; MK Gallery; South London Gallery; Café OTO (with Graham Dunning & John Macedo) and a recent UK duo tour with Maya Dunietz.
I’ve had it up to hear with fish & chips was originally performed for Radiophrenia‘s on air performances last year and we’ve since recorded a new ‘studio’ version. Credits: Recorded and Mixed By Jack Allett at Roundhouse Studios Winter 2016/17.



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