Episode 124: guest Ana Quiroga

Guest for show 124 will be Ana Quiroga, aka .NWRMNTC. and one half of LCC. Tune into NTS from 1am to 3am on Tuesday 31st January to hear the show. Full tracklist at the bottom of the page.

Ana Quiroga is a music producer, sound designer and dj. She explores sound through an experimental approach. Understanding sound as material to create new ways to listen, Ana works principally with field recordings from the environment, processing the sound into new textures and melodies. She has just started a new project, .NWRMNTC. which was presented in London at the Somerset House Studios launch party.

Ana is the half of the female electronic music duo LCC. They released their debut album ‘d/evolution’ (2014) on Editions Mego, which was selected among the best albums of the year by specialised media. This year, LCC are planning to release their second album ‘Bastet’ on Mego which will be presented at Sónar Festival.

Photo by Irma Collin.

Tracklist for the show:

Anna Peaker – Meditation Part 1
Bowditch – Railway Hotel Gents Toilets Hand Dryer (Broken)
Former Airline – Dance of Winter Death
Phil Maguire – There Will Be No Miracles Here
Sam Andreae – v3K(araoke) [version 1]
Stuart Chalmers – Approaching Extinction
Throbbing Gristle – Discipline Berlin
rkss – Brostep in the style of Florian Hecker
.NWRMNTC. aka Ana Quiroga — live mix for Fractal Meat

01. Loscil – Estuarine (feat. Interestellar)
02. Tim Hecker – Music for Tundra
03. Old Apparatus – Kocol
04. Julien Bayle – Inner (feat. Julio Cortázar)
05. Sunny Graves – Erosion
06. Andy Stott – Violence
07. LXV – Pripyat (Paper Crown)
08. Ancient Astronaut – A2 (feat. Alien and THX 1138)
09. Holly Herdon – Terminal (feat. THX 1138)
10. James Holden – Lump
11. Powell -So We Went Electric
12. Not Waving – 24
13. Machine Woman – Express Your Loyalty To The Tribe You Live In
14. LCC – Titan
Queen Kopetzky – Horsenames
A I W A – Not e-Down
Dale Cornish – Boom Fire Cherry
Blood Room – Hybla


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