Episode 122: Fractal Turkey – Ruthie Woodward Xmas Noise mix

In the last and most seasonal show of the year, Ruthie Woodward – aka Wood Cabin – contributes a festive mixture of well-loved xmas tunes played from cassette, drone, noise and incessant jingle bells. There’s also some other xmas treats including a mechanical techno jam using cut-up Christmas records, and circuit bent festivities from Richard Thomas. Full tracklist below.

From January 2017 the show goes 4-weekly instead of fortnightly. Thanks for listening this year and have a super 2017.


_FrictionSound_ – XavE
Richard Thomas – Last Christmas Variations
African Ghost Valley – OXND8
Blood Room – Barrier Maze
Nebulo – Tombolarene Part II
Neural Story – Neural Story Singing Christmas
NYZ – FM60Pcellular
Graham Dunning – live mechanical techno xmas cut-ups set
Marie E Le Rose – developmental disorder
ISSHU – Opium (Arabrain)

****Ruthie Woodward / Wood Cabin guest noise Xmas mix****
Chemiefaserwerk – Blue Eighteen (from Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)
Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time
Melquiades – various from album ‘Imaginary Soundscapes/ A Map’
Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas
AAS – Balancing Ritual
Jona Lewie – Stop the Cavalry
unfollow – Blue Twenty-one (from Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)
Femme – Santa (be good to me)
Bitchin Bajas – Relaxation Version
Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas Is You
East 17 – Stay Another Day
Ed Burton – 53061

Morkebla – Submerged Dunes


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