Episode 121: Fifth Anniversary Special

The show began on 3rd December 2011, so here we are celebrating five years of Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone on NTS radio. By way of celebration, everything from the label back catalogue is FREE to download, for the rest of 2016. This episode airs at 1am – 3am UK time, Monday Night / Tuesday morning 6th December. See below for the full tracklist. Thanks for listening, folks!

People of the North – The Whirling Gift
Dan Hayhurst – Great Day Atonal Soda
Busratch – Lock-grooves 99
Marlo Eggplant – Embers
dtub- – Pump-1989
Conrad Schnitzler & Pharmakustik – Electric Transmission
Dale cornish – Oolovka
eRikm – Rose
Pita & Chra – Cynthia
Morkebla – Snow Canvas
Eucci – Theme for No Romance
Charlemagne Palestine – Strumming Music
KNM Ensemble – Ground Bass Journey (for four instruments)
Pymathon – Reborn in Rectal Radiation
Matthew Lee Knowles – The Man Who Gave Birth To His Own Skeleton
S. Araw “Trio” XI – Fireplaces
Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics
AHRKH – Sweet Surrender
Bob Cobbing – Trilogy Three


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