Episode 118 – Live session: Vindicatrix

Vindicatrix is currently working on new material of which quite a bit is aired in this set along with some covers from the last few years of live shows. “I’m also collaborating a lot with New Noveta producing sound pieces for their performances, as well as visual artist Ho Tzu Nyen, for whom I’ve made a couple of pieces and also been a body and facial motion-capture subject. The rest (most) of the time I am a part-time document controller and tuba player/clarinettist for money.” 

Tune into NTS from 1am to 3am on 25th October to hear the show. Or listen back soon after, here. Playlist below.



Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971
Ed Dowie – Yungpawel
H.U.M. – Cat-man-Do
Wouter van Veldhoven – Rhythmic composition for snaredrum, reed organ, solenoids and old machines
René Aquarius – Blight II
Magpahi – Hawthorn Heart
Shinigami San – Stratum
Poly Garbo – Pulse
Ujjiaya – Hanuman
Grey Guides – Just Burned Down a Care Home
Cosmic Neighbourhood – Bunk Beds
Vindicatrix – live session for Fractal Meat
Astral Spirits – side 2
Nnja Riot – Velcrow Hook
perfume advert – Test Pattern Generator




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