Episode 115: Tape special – Fort Evil Fruit

This episode of the show features all tape releases, recorded to two c60s, with a feature on Irish label Fort Evil Fruit. Most of the tracks from the show are from the label, with a few other bits and bobs thrown in. Full tracklist below. Read more about the releases on the Fort Evil Fruit blog, here.

Tune into NTS to hear the show on early Tuesday morning, 11th October, 1am to 3am.


Rastrejo – Estucato
Blood Room – Quell
Deathcount in Silicon Valley – Telepathic Opponents
Gavin Prior – 四
Richard Moult – Widgael Concerto (3rd Movement)
Delphine Dora – A la dérive
The Last Sound – Broke Open No Feel
Ondness – To Covarde
Beneath the Sod – Circling The Drain
The O.D.M. – Thanks Dad (Side A)
Queen Kopetzky – Dammar_v02
Roy of the Ravers – Ceephax Acid Crew Cut
Fred and Geoffrey Hoyle – The Energy Pirate
Ovis Aurum – Nature is not your friend
Takahiro Mukai – #185
Dylan Nyoukis & Thomas Bench – Dylan Thomas, untitled (Nyoukis Mix)
Chiodata – Infliga Theoretical
Nightwaif – Life between the waves
Tom White – The View From Ham Hill Stone Circle
The Cube of Unknowing – Tonabrocky
The Cube of Unknowing – Offshore Part I
Áine O’Dwyer – Alter Boy
W/W – Truetonal
Romannis Mötte – Formations
Joined By Wire – Noiseclub Track 2



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