Episode 116: Mark Browne exclusive track

Mark Browne has been active as a free improvising musician since the 1980s, and also plays as part of the trio Crush!!! and the group Lust Rollers. Beginning as a classical guitarist he now normally uses saxophone and reed instruments – strictly self taught, “with no reading, no tutoring, no compositions, just live with the instrument, play it and develop the results” – bird calls, toys and related sound makers; and percussion, often activated with motors, vibrators or bows.

The aim of his project “The 52 Noisy Little Clouds” is to produce 52 recordings over the space of a year at the rate of around one per week. Each is offered on CDR to an individual recipient. No further copies are made.

The track featured on the show is from number 8 in the series, presented to me in a handmade box with illustration (pictured), a series of photographs taken by Mark’s daughter, a piece of material presumed to be from one of Mark’s old suits, and various other bits and bobs.  “One point worth noting is that the drone at the beginning is played on what was Lol Coxhill’s harmonium with the 38 inch gong vibrating in the background.”

Tune into NTS to hear the show on Tuesday morning 27th Septmber, from 1am to 3am.


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