Honest Electronics: The Gathering – preview and track selection

This fortnight’s show previews The Gathering, an electronic music festival in Cyprus.  The show features tracks from many of the artists playing at the festival. Tune into NTS.live from 1am-3am (UK time) on Monday night/Tuesday morning (4th/5th July).

“Centred around its annual forage into nature; The Gathering, aims to link the Cypriot underground scene with an online neighbourhood of artists. These artists have been carefully selected and invited to participate together, fulfilling our curatorial fantasy. A collection of Cypriot artists have already started working for the project and an event acting as motivation for production is the reason we’re doing this.

On the 8th & 9th of July by the Tamassos Reservoir, Kampia, Cyprus, two stages will host the performances allowing artists and participants to experience a mindfully selected range of electronic music; a wide range of thoughts, feelings, emotions, rhythms, textures and physical surroundings that the Gathering and the Cypriot landscape has to offer.

The record label was initiated in order to collect and organise local material and to create a platform for future collaborations and after the common experience of The Gathering.”

Online — https://ticketbud.com/events/99942672-1541-11e6-aef4-7b0f29001994
At our PreParties — 25th of June at Echo Nicosia, 2nd of July Sousami Limassol
Call for info — 96791561, 96371341

—The Gathering in Facts:

– 8&9 of July
– It will be located by the lake of Tamassos.
– There will be 35 acts from abroad and local.
– The camping site has natural tree shade and soft ground that will be taken care of.
– There will be affordable healthy food as well as drinks.
– There will only be 200 tickets available, none at the entrance. This is to avoid the gathering from becoming uncontrollably big, this idea ensures the quality of experience for a specific amount of people.
– The price is 20 euros for both days. They will be sold online except a small amount to be sold in our pre-parties.
– There will be two stages; the Main Stage will be responsible for an endless dance experience while the Chill Stage will host elevating lives during the day and powerful ambient sets by the night.
– The gathering will be broadcasted through WeeDoIt live.


Graham Dunning (U.K.)
AyGeeTee (U.K.)
Broshuda (De)
Kinlaw (U.K)
Aristodemos (Cy)
Jay Glass Dubs (Gr)
Cusack (Cy)
Fantis (Cy)
Blood Room (U.K.)
Bokeh Versions (U.K.)
Mohama Tajalof (Cy)
Joe Malik (Cy)
ice_eyes (Gr)
1127 (Eg)
BillyD (Cy)
Fungusroom (Cy)
Argy k (Cy)
PAN (Cy)
spvk (Cy)
oswaldo III (Cy)
Fantis (Cy)
J.Haze (Cy)
elektroniki (Cy)
Wonderwander (Cy)
m.e.d.o (Cy)
blacki5 (Cy)


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