FM105 -26/04/16 Tracklist (with guest mix from Birdy Earns)

Ashley Belloin – Bellows
Rosanne Robertson – Chronic
He Can Jog – Growing
Robert Curgenven – Cornubia
Deej Dhariwal – We Run
Matt Rogers –  SK√-1 ■
IXTAB – Aluxes
These Feathers Have Plumes – Return II
Mark Browne & Terry Day – Duo at Mopomoso at Xmas 2014
Helicopter Quartet – Cortege
Himë Bangs – Albedo

Birdy Earns guest mix

Jeff Bridges – Feeling Good
Ahnuu – Scaling
Birdy Earns – InnerImage
Coppice Halifax – Ĉielarko 1.1
Ondness – Aqua Vem
Birdy Earns – FinalCelebration
Broshuda – Jemi
Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon– IV
BAT & OND TON – Other You
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier– Financial Aid Solicitation Study In Four Parts
Moon Wheel – Faxälven
Kelli Cain – Bird Of Fortune
Birdy Earns – Mana
Vuptes – Fad
Tehn – ii
Birdy Earns – Singularity
Blood Room / SOLO1 – Trees That Move
Levantis – Pieris Rapae



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