Live in session: Casual Sect

Join me at 1am-3am GMT on 5th January (8pm-10pm EST)  for the all new Fractal Meat, with guests CASUAL SECT performing live in session. Today is the launch of the group’s new tape on Box Records: The Hidden Persuaders, get it here.


Casual Sect is a four piece non-prophet organisation formed in London in 2015 and comprising of Thom D Bleasdale, Kevin Morpurgo , Robbie Judkins and Maggie Muldoon. Influenced by the Discordian philosophy of Chaos and adherents to The Church of the SubGenius’ principle of Slack, they write short blasts of fuzzy punk exploring topics as diverse as David Icke, the Hadron Collider and narcotic induced abdominal distension.



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