Studio guest: Stuart Bowditch

This Friday 13th November I’m joined by artist Stuart Bowditch, playing a selection of his work. Tune into from 8am to 10am. Stuart’s work is inspired by location and the people, experiences and objects he encounters there. He is particularly interested in sounds that are associated with place, overlooked and overheard noises of the everyday and highlighting the auditory as a defining factor in how we experience a particular environment. His recordings of people, their activities, experiences and environs have contributed to art installations, phone apps, archival records, musical compositions, a computer game, a eulogy and sound tracks to short films.

Recent projects:
– Resonants, a series of works exploring the resonant frequencies of objects, which include installations at Focal Point Gallery (2015), TAP Gallery (2013 & 2015), and releases ‘Object Studies – Metal (Rural Colours, 2013) and ‘The Old Waterworks’ (Hibernate Recordings, 2014)
+ collaborations with Jonathan Kipps, where I find the frequencies within his sculptures and turn them into live performances: Proscenium @ Camden People’s Theatre (2014), The Outsider at Sound Kitchen @ Prague Quadrennial (2015) and Monument @ News of the World in Deptford (2015)
– InSite public art commission (FrancisKinght and Medway Council 2015) a 6 month long project in collaboration with Christopher Sacre, to create and install work on the Rochester Riverside site
– To The Lighthouse, a film and score with artist Ruth Philo, made using sounds and image from inside the decommissioned lighthouse at Orford Ness, Suffolk.





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