Studio Guest: Louise Woodcock


Along with Guy & Yumi performing live I’ll be joined by artist Louise Woodcock to discuss her many and diverse music and art projects and collaborations – Friday 10th July – tune into NTS from 8-10am.

Louise Woodcock is an artist working in diverse fields such as sound, installation, performance, film and text and is currently based in Manchester. Woodcock is originally from Hackney and revels in being the ‘cockney’ up North. ‘Visceral’ is often used to describe Louise’s work in all its guises. The body is not separate from the object, all constellations are intertwining: separation is mere illusion for the artist. Performances are said to be uncompromising and empowering. Woodcock simultaneously cocks a snook and celebrates the absurdities of gender and sexual roles in this culture. The transcendental, the social and the physical are equally vital in the work, reflecting the temporal nature of the flesh and the immaterial infinite. The artist works in a state of pre-knowing; a certainty of uncertainty, improvising and collaging objects, words, sounds in meditative but brutal ritualised encounters. A strong sense of conviction is always apparent, no matter how haphazard the form; known yet unknown. The artist is about to form a pop band in an experiment to investigate if the same energy can exist in an Apollonian time-constrained piece rather than her usual Dionysian floods of consciousness. Louise is also toying with more contrived poetic form as opposed to her usual free-verse flows.

Woodcock performs solo as Her Majesty’s Pleasure; a performative project that has become characterised by satirising the nature of the monarchy in the UK and what it stands for, questioning its connections with convicted pedophiles. Louise is determined to reclaim the ‘real majesty’ that exists in all things that has been warped and commodified by the establishment. Her Majesty’s Pleasure recently collaborated with performative noise/spoken word project, Teletext Holidays, when they supported The Cheeky Girls in Oldham.

Louise is a founding member of Water, a group comprising poet Lauren Bolger, visual artists Rachel Goodyear, Amy Horgan, Jen Wu and Fat Out’s Emma Thompson. The project has gleaned immediate interest, formed earlier this year. The second Water performance was described by artist and Water collaborator, Michael O’Neil as a ‘concrete séance’. A Tesla Tapes release is currently in the making.

Louise has worked in many forms with a number of highly regarded artists such as: Una Baines, a founding member of The Fall and Blue Orchids; artist and actor David Hoyle, sound artists Rosanne Robertson and Graham Dunning, among others. Woodcock founded Womb, an all-female noise/improv collective which spawned punk/psyche band ILL and inspired others. The artist is about to undertake her first acting role in a film by industrial-noise musician and drag artist, Kurt Dirt. Louise is a member of noise duo 2 Koi Karp, drag act Joyce D’Vision, Minny Pops, and Charles Hayward’s Anonymous Bash. Woodcock is founder of new collective initially inspired by William S Burroughs’ work, Devi, comprising members of Gnod, Barbarians, Water and Locean. Woodcock is resident DJ and performer at karaoke/performance/party event, Guts for Garters.

Louise Woodcock studied Creative Writing and Ancient Indian Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University before attending University of Salford’s Visual Arts course. The artist intends to further absorb her Indian heritage by journeying to her mother’s birthplace later this year in a pilgrimage.


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