Live in session: James Shearman

Tune in this Friday, 29th May, for a special hour long drone set from James Shearman. Broadcasting live from NTS from 8am to 10am. Full details below.

James Shearman is a 20 year old sound artist and noise person based in Leytonstone in North-east London. Currently, he’s involved with promoting and organising shows under the alias “4 Legs Good” – which has a monthly night running at Ryan’s Bar in Stoke Newington – as well as a handful of solo projects and some duo and ensemble collaborations.

He performs and records: harsh noise (and various other forms of industrial music) under the alias A Raja’s Mesh Men; softer, more ambient, noises under the alias Echoes…Leytonstone – which was borne a number of years ago out of a love for the Canadian duo Nadja; in the free-improv industrial duo Prolonged Version with Charlie Wheatley and has most recently joined the four-piece doom-noise outfit Bongdrinker on throat and feedback. He has also recently set up a DIY noise label called “This Is A Noise Label” which has released it’s first tape – a split between James and the US based HNW artist Willowbrook.

Besides these “moniker projects” he has also been performing and installing sound works under his own name. He began this pursuit with field recording and live manipulation of radio and later expanded into vocal drone looping. After this, he began the serial works known as “the Feedback Drones” which are longform minimal drone pieces that turn the static hum of loose leads into a slowly evolving and building drone – heaping on reverb, natural distortion, pitch-shifts and various other forms of modulation.

For the Fractal Meat show he will be performing the fifth instalment of this series. The previous volume, performed live at the Eigengrau exhibition opening at Apiary Studios, can be heard above.

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