Guest label: ZamZamRec

ZamZamRec are in the studio on 17th April showcasing artists from the label – tune into NTS from 8am to 10am.

ZamZamRec – is a superfuture network constellation devoted to exploratory music, orchestrated by Héloïse (H and Olmo (Uiutna, originally from France, Switzerland, Italie et now based in Bristol, UK.
They publish the music of myriad sonic creatures on cassettes and online – TIPEX, Negra Branca, Anthroprophh, Ocean Floor, Druss, Cementimental, Mxlx, Jentle Ben, DJ ShluchT, Weak Flesh, Nundata, Holy Hole, Microdeform, Wizard of, Donald Suck, Black Tempest, MW, etc.

Since 2012 they organize radio shows – small&special gigs recorded live in various places (practice room, cave, labyrinth, prison, tente, shed, studio, garage), broadcasted via FAGradio and archived on the Internet.  [Listen archives / download djsets]

They imagined NoiseesioN and Monstre festivals, Rave n Tape showcases, Suprem Rituals and other Sound Celebrations… [Posterzz  [Picturezz
They also multiply inspiring collaborations. They initiated a TAPE BAKERY project with Bumtapes and visual/sound artists for Switzerland. Last year they’ve been recording and traveling with H.U.M, inventing my(s)tic tours and ballads*******

And the 28th/\29th of March 2015, they celebrated the ZamZamZone Opening – a warehouse transformed into a art/\music/\magic space, with an art exhibition – Eigengrau by J+M+R, 2 days of music – djs, 15 live sets and the wind!
[Kiff all ZZZ1 lineup h3r3 <
More researchzz, adventurezz soon^^^^^<<<^>>>—–//\\*******


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