Fractal Meat 66 – Friday 3rd October 2014 – with Vicious Circus LIVE in session – podcast and tracklist

Stream via Mixcloud


Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling – live at De La Warr Pavillion September 2014
David Morton – A Work in Progress
John Chantler- Test Signal
C. Reider – controlled hours
Gamelan & Kecak – Geneging Sekar Gadung
Himë Bangs (i) – Amateurish
Rattle – Boom
Nils Frahm- Body
Ingrid Plum – Phenomenon Red
Ekoclef – skeletal turrets loom over the reservoir
Colin Stetson – Judges
Some Truths – some truths #27
Vicious Circus – Outside the Vortex of my Mind (Live in session for Fractal Meat)
Devon Loch – Slow Wave
Vicious Circus – Beard Olympics
Vicious Circus – Live in session for Fractal Meat
Che Shizu – I’m Dancing in My Heart
Dave Maric – Dream Aparatus
Seth Cooke – Cymbal Studies
Shelley Parker – Beachy Head
Lachenalia – The Hearer


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