Fractal Meat 64 – 6th September 2014 – with Raxil4 live in session – podcast and tracklist

Stream via Mixcloud


Jelena Glazova – Berlin Live Madame Claude 110313 excpert
Golgotha Communications – One
Circuit Breaker – Grey Materials
Dwoogie – Apus Apus
Harry Partch – Chorus of Shadows
firm friends – Confirmation
Kordik / Lucas – Hednc
Mr.Underwood – Stubnitz
Laurie Anderson – Born, never asked
Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2]

Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – Drums
raxil4 – Live in session for Fractal Meat
Karen Gwyer – Free Food / One Men Striper
Phork – Wrecked
Luc Ferrari – Und so weiter I
Shivers – Ash


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