Special broadcast from VoidTM: “Anti Remote Viewing Tapes”

Anti Remote Viewing Tapes will be broadcase between 8-10am on NTS Live – Special broadcast from VoidTM.



“Anti Remote Viewing Tapes”

“VoidTM , the explorers of uselessness, present a fictional insight into ESP Counter-Spionage


————————————————————– VoidTM


VoidTM is now transmitting remote viewing protective frequencies tapes. Tapes collected by retired colonel X from the U.S remote viewing program at Fort Meade.

The Tapes are designed to disable any Remote viewing attack on sensitive locations and governmental agencies.

The material was used as defence against possible Remote Viewing Attacks during the preparations of the following Military operations.

-Operation eagle claw: Attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 diplomats held captive at the embassy of the United States 1980.
-Operation Golden Pheasant : Emergency deployment of US troops to Honduras in 1988.
-Operation Summer Pelt : Antartica covert operation to prevent the Arrival of Azathoth 1969.
-Operation Urgent Fury : Invasion of Grenada 1983.
-Operation Mandelbrot : Preventing the use of WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA internet application to generate Fractal demons 2005.

VoidTM is a collaboration between sound artists Nemo von Nirgends and Thibault Autheman.

All material recorded on Aetherpunk devices over the course of 3 improv sessions.



Thibault Autheman.
French sound artist living and practising in London since 1998. The latest contribution in radio art is the release of A.R.W [Accidental Radio Waves] on the net label Workin’ Klass Noize, last June.

Some of the research involves Algorithmic writing, The Soft Carnage Manifesto, a work in progress: An Algorithm writing and posting random statements on Twitter.

Publication: selected for Ishac Bertran’s Code Poems.

Nemo von Nirgends (Oliver Stummer)

Austrian born sound artist and musician living in London since 2012. Working as Tomoroh Hidari he has produced numerous releases on, amongst others, Isolate Records (US), Record Label Records(US), Schematic(US), Mekobira (JP), Vienna Wildstyle (AUT) and more and been referenced in A. Hugill’s “‘Pataphysics, A Useless Guide” (MIT Press 2012)

He has worked as producer with Industrial Outfit Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring Records (UK), New-Wave band MÜDE (AUT) and is half of the duo Anathemasochist with breakcore artist Hecate.

Trautonium Jetztzeit – a collaboration with Liesl Ujvary – was featured on Sub Rosa’s esteemed series “An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Vol.6”

“his Namelessness Is Legion”, a project to create “Drone ‘Pataphysics for cognitive biological systems with 2 ears”, forms the continuation of his research into music-epistemology by other means.


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