Fractal Meat 59 – 27th June 2014 – Danny Saul live in session, plus BEAM Festival’s Adam Parkinson – podcast and tracklist

Stream via mixcloud


Philip Jeck – From the Archives
Ian Watson – Creeps i
Adam Bohman – When A Man
Yaxu – Live From HangerBarcelona
FIRE – Grasshoppers
Shawn Greenlee – Wryneck
Kathy Hinde – Piano Migrations
John Butcher / Rhodri Davis – Garth Heads
Casperelectronics – Pegasus Zorg
Renick Bell – techno-130-130129-01
Danny Saul – Live in session for Fractal Meat
:zoviet*france – SnaRaBo
Bernard Parmegiani – Capture Ephemare
Denis Smalley – Pentes
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica
Eric Random – Fade In


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