Fractal Meat 58 – 13th June 2014 – with Bioni Samp LIVE plus Unconscious Archives’ Sally Golding – podcast and tracklist

Stream via Mixcloud


Bruxism – Grinding on Redundant Echo
Karu – Fiume Asaro
Ian Watson – Creeps i
Phantom Chips – Really Terrible Singer
Phantom Chips – Pink Shed
Sky Needle – Nihil Unbound
Spatial – unknown
Sculpture – Iterative Deviation
Sally Golding – Ghost-loud+strong
Famous Moon King – Fudge Palace
Martin Rach – 3+e
Bioni Samp – Live in session for Fractal Meat
Ruairi O’Baoighill – Veil
Okkyung Lee – Rear Window
Yves De Mey – Faux Movements
Erase Erata – French Canadia
Piotr Kurek – Goddess Eye
Andy Ingamells – Private Hire
Damo Suzuki and God Don’t Like It Ensemble – Live at Cafe Oto



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