Fractal Meat 55 – 2nd May 2014 – with guest Maria Chavez – podcast and tracklist

Stream via Mixcloud


Bastimoon – JB C#
Dale Cornish – Xeric Pattern 1
Gordon Mumma – Some Voltage Drop
The Frakture Big Band with Carlos Zingaro – Gaze
Ooray – Duet for Cello and OP-1 Tombola
black.smith – Generative music 23 July 1
Lee Fraser – Thews and Limbs (ii)
Shelley Parker – Asphalt
Richard Sanderson – Velux Doppler
The Residents – Spotted Pinto Bean
The Zero Map – Champagne Awakening
Rothko Room – Translucent Square Orange Vermillion
Marian Borkowski – Vox per uno strumento ad ottone
Weeping Idols – Bhutan
Aphex Twin – Gwarek 2
Michael Cryne – Exodus
Rob Face – Unknown
Jonas Gustaffson & Lia Mazzari – Live at Nursery Gallery
Heather Leigh – Fever Final
Audrey Chen and Maria Chavez – Sound Sampler
MV Carbon – The Mystic
Dr Timothy Leary PH.D. – How should psychedelic drugs be used?
Vito Acconci – Untitled
Rodolfo Caesar – Les Deux Saisons
Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe
Rob Face – Unknown


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