Guests: Mark Wagner (ZamZam) and Christos Fanaras (MaSterS) discussing their forthcoming releases


ZamZam Rec 30 : Mental Transmutation Music vol. 11 – 22

Latest tape release by Kosmik Kult Kollective ZamZam. The concept is based on the idea of raising one’s vibrational states according to Alchemical philosophy and practice. Two tracks of 22:22 Shamanick Trance music with piano, tribal beats, possession rites and tantric mantras.
Forthcoming gigs in London, Bristol, Malta, Berlin as Mark Wagner, MW or H.U.M. a freeform collective with ZamZam honchos H and UIUTNA


MaSterS  –  Acid Witch Mountain

A hallucinatory soundtrack to mystical western, ‘Acid Witch Mountain’ the début album from Masters, summons sharp guitars, bright brass and atypical percussions in an instrumental ritual between rock and experimentation. The project was conceived by London based artists and former Agaskodo Teliverek members Christos Fanaras and M.K. Hauser aka Miklos Kemecsi. Originally released as an ultra limited edition of 59 leather bound CD’s in 2011. ‘Acid Witch Mountain’ is now due to be re-released in April 2014 in the form of a double vinyl album, as a co-release between Adaadat and French imprint Ego Twister.


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