Usurp Chance Tour 2014 – Cage and Beyond


Friday 4th April’s show will feature recordings and conversations from last week’s Brighton date on the Usurp Chance Tour 2014.  This is ahead of the London date on the 8th May, at Rich Mix, which I can highly recommend.

Usurp Art Gallery presents two dynamic, ensemble performances, exploring perceptual concepts of chance, time, listening and humour, and the breadth and parameters of improvisational approaches in new music.

“Indeterminacy” was originally recorded in 1959, with John Cage reading aloud 90 stories, each lasting one minute. For this performance, Stewart Leeassumes Cage’s role accompanied by contemporary pianists, Tania Chen andSteve Beresford improvising on pianos and objects. “Humour and existentialist melancholy co-exist, perching on a knife-edge.” Gramophone.

“The Conspirators of Pleasure” featuring Poulomi Desai (augmented sitar),Simon Underwood (modified, toys + electronics) and Seth Ayyaz ( daaf + electronics), create improvised soundscapes, twisting technology and transforming organic sounds into eerie calls with intense waves of noise, pulsating rhythms and melancholic, lyrical interplay.


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