Live in session: Richard Crow, plus exclusive AAS performance recording. RHP CDRs rosta showcase.


This Friday 21st March Richard Crow will perform live in session. Plus exclusive audio from AAS group’s Cult Of Possible Elements performance at IMT gallery, as part of a showcase of RHP CDRs artists.

Richard Crow is an inter-disciplinary artist working in the field of experimental audio research, live performance and site-specific installation. He utilises sound and noise in a performative way, for its disruptive and subjective qualities and above all for its psycho-physical implications for the listener and viewer. Over the past two decades his solo and collaborative site-specific installations and performances have consisted of highly conceptualized interventions into base materiality, investigations of alternative systems of organisation and research into a certain material decadence, most notably with the project The Institution of Rot which he co-founded with the writer Nick Couldry in 1992.

All Everywhere All The Time, AAS creates itself through chance. AAS are SAGE ASH AND COPPER FIRE, bringers of the drone, extra-human changelings, scourge of the future.

The Cult of Possible Elements:
The voice intones, a hand inscribes symbols on the body, the eye witnesses and enjoys the pain. “They’re Dogon eggs,” says Félix, holding his testicles in his hand. “Just hold them in your hand and you’ll get to the Body without Organs.”

It’s by will alone I set my mind in motion.

[RHP] CDRs is a research, production and event programming unit committed to investigating the relationships between visual and aural practices within the contexts of contemporary art and experimental music. Founded by artist/curator, Ryan Hughes we work in close collaboration with a range of national and international practitioners to create a CDR and an event to contextualise the work each month.

In addition to these monthly activities we also keep an archive of materials which relate to both the artists we work with and the fields of sound art and experimental music more generally. We frequently present our works and items from within our archive through exhibitions, conferences, festivals and via online platforms.


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