Fractal Meat 50 – 21st February 2014 – Classwar Karaoke netlabel showcase with guest Anthony Donovan

Stream via Mixcloud


Dylan Nyoukis – Morgue Newness
6 or 7 – Mata Denwa Surune
Bob Ostertag, Otomo Yoshihide and Justin Bond – Panty Christ
Jaan Patterson & Zaro Ostrich Lunch – Niño Patata. Erster Satz für 77 Stimmen.
Tracy Lee Summers – Recycled Paper Body
Johannes Bergmark, Tomas Halling, Jacob Ullberger – Teaterbråten
Michael Giles Mad Band with Keith Tippett – Why Not
07_Elements – 01
Invisible Sports – Man Wakes Up With Wings
Daniel Heikalo – Broken Porcelain
Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover – Copper FRH_AGS – Le Carre OKOT_FFM
David Fenech – Un Lacher De Lucioles Jukebox
Geoff Leigh – Glutenous Free
Jaap Blonk – Piep Squeak
Crank Sturgeon – Hrandaei
Jeff Gburek with Chester Szmiada – The Watermark 8
Spidey Agutter – Owing knowing and small hours to pay in


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