Fractal Meat 47 – 10th January 2014 – with Romvelope LIVE plus ADAADAT Label showcase – podcast and playlist

Stream via Mixcloud


Düsseldorf by Night – Tape 01
Vuzh – Deer Triangles
Mark Leckey – Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
Stuart Russell – Organ Phase 2 (extract)
Tlön – In Accordance With Divine Laws
Tape Loop Orchestra – Yesterday This Would’ve Meant So Much To Us (Excerpt)
Tom White – O Come, Plunger Mute
Jobina Tinnemans – Killing Time + Prelude – MATA festival (edit)

Romvelope – live in session for Fractal Meat

Kleptix – In A Vacuum

ADAADAT label mix:
pan ten – surround sound
ommm – bubblegum rat
romvelope – barbarocracy
dj topgear – swollen crymph rotten
horatio pollard – untitle
romvelope – megaberg
greypetcat – skip
poly only – ground effect
dj topgear – pecking order display
horatio pollard – jupiters grain
ommm – recorded 1989
greypetcat – suicide pact


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