Fractal Meat 46 – 12th December 2013 – Fractal Turkey Xmas Special – with guest Sam Underwood – Podcast and Playlist

Listen via Mixcloud


Richard Thomas – Last Christmas Variations #1
People Like Us – Santa Claus (1)
Graham Dunning – Live at Cut (edit)
now – christmas mourning
Sohie Cooper – michael jackson wishes us a happy christmas
Chrissie – Electric Guitar Quartet for Christmas
Ron Mak – 1403 First Noel
Studio Guest Sam Underwood
Clutter – Lost Christmas
Unknown – Lunchroom Manners
Stuart Russell – From The Origin, Comes Light
John Oswald – Z
Little Cindy – Happy Birthday Jesus
Lee Bill – If Jesus Came To Your House
Reverand A.W. Nix – Death May Be Your Christmas Gift
Kids od CPH – Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Esso Trinidad Steel Band – Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Sonovox – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
MIT Computer – Carols
Servotron – Evaluation of the Christmas Season (There is no Santa Claus)
Northern Telecom – I want an OC192 For Christmas
Homer and Jethro – Nuttin’ For Christmas
The Go Go’s – I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
Leslie Harris and the Fire – Jogging For Jesus
Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon – Plastic Jesus
Linda Bennett – An Old Fashioned Christmas
Lauren Redhead – silent night
amphibolous – ringo starr was cleaning his dog with a brush when it turned black and vanished
Chirstian Marclay – We Wish You a Merry Mix-mas
KK Null & Ore – Components Of Circulation
Elephant House – Camel Mom
Forever Lazy – Pink Eye





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