Fractal Meat 45 – 29th November 2013 – with guest Karin Weissenbrunner plus Tom White LIVE session – Podcast and Playlist

Listen Via Mixcloud


O.O.O – Finger Necklace
Christian Marclay – Groove
Hindemith – Trickaufnahme [Excerpt]
JOKE LANZ – plays Sudden Infant (excerpt)
Vinyl Terror And Horror – Live 2013
Martin Tétreault &Otomo yoshihide – Pulsion
maria chavez – live at Silent Barn, NYC 2011
lucas abela – the vinyl rally
Rutherford Chang – Side 1 x 100 (edit)
eRikm – live at simultan festival 2009
birdy nam nam – Transition
Vasco Alvez – Volume 1
Tom White – Live in session for Fractal Meat
Helm – ‘Orange Tanks’ side B EDIT
John Wall – Mutapool (2005-6)
Tlön… – Cloudburst (edit)
Liz Helman – yesterday
Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Engineers – bt interlude suite
Stereocilia – Bright Light




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