Special Broadcast: Mr Leech’s Institution by Lynden St John

On Friday 26th July we’re pleased to welcome a special broadcast, Mr Leech’s Institution by Lynden St John, with voice and additional improvisation / material by Fred Pepper.

A monologue with sundry aural interruptions which centers on Mr Leech, who describes his present habitat, an institutional space which is of ambiguous nature and function. Mr Leech invites us to journey with him as he wanders empty corridors, recites from his favourite paperback, operates some audio equipment and flees another entity within the institution. His delivery is skewed by some kind of speech disorder which causes him to leave long pauses between words and to place inappropriate emphasis on various phonetic components. The audience is therefore asked to work between two spaces, one defined by the pragmatics of speech and the materiality of sound, the other by the abstract content of speech.

Image: Fred Pepper


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