Special Feature: Simon Foxall: ESCAPES: South American Way to International Love

A special broadcast for Friday 28th June is from Simon Foxall, details below.
ESCAPES: South American Way to International Love
“I am a recent graduate in MA Painting from the Royal College of Art. My work is generally installation based. After graduation in June 2012, I spent 9 weeks on a residency program in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during which time I had the opportunity to present a radio program at the 30th Sao Paulo Bienal, through a project called Mobile Radio. Following that in November 2012 I did another radio program at Resonance FM in London, that was also broadcast live at the Sao Paulo Bienal. The programs explored popular culture, cliche and stereotype, television, media and movies. This research element has now become an important part of my practice, running parallel to my installations.
“I have also been accepted to take part in Reuse Aloud on Basic FM in Newcastle in March.”


“The radio programs take the form of my commentary ‘illustrated’ with music, playing with the idea of the popular radio show vs the art essay, using theory to explore and expand on entertainment, producing a piece that functions as both simultaneously. It is an area that I feel I have just begun to explore and would love to continue to develop. I am currently working with some interviews I recorded in Brazil and hoping to use some of the content in conjunction with issues in my practice and my own guilty pleasures. I am hoping with my next piece to be able to swing from the beaches of Rio to the lads of Geordie Shore, and the temples of Sports Direct and Fitness First. Most of which I can locate to a car park in Haringay…

“I am hoping with this piece to explore a more narrative way of negotiating the subject, pushing the line between art work and entertainment further.”

ESCAPES: South American Way to International Love, Mobile Radio Bienal Sao Paulo, Sept ’12


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