Studio Guests: Neck of The Woods

3Guests on the show for 14th June are Leslie Deere, Riz Maslen and Kaffe Matthews with their project, Neck of the Woods. See info below.


Neck of the Woods

Neck of the Woods is an artist lead compilation brought about from commissioned sound works at Kew Gardens. In the summer of 2011 Leslie Deere, Riz Maslen and Kaffe Matthews were commissioned for sound installations, which exhibited during the length of the Kew Summer Festival. The bespoke sound works were installed in Kew’s most iconic spaces including the Palm House and Redwood Forest.

Last year was the UN International Year of Forests. In honor of that, and the majesty of Kew, the idea of conducting site responsive field recordings was born. Most of these artists travelled to Kew, chose a location on the garden map and conducted one-take recordings responsive to the space. Nadine Richardson played Asian flute in the Bamboo Forest; Philip Granell improvised with violin in the Waterlily House. Other artists have conducted field recordings in alternative areas around London and abroad, offering a glimpse of varying outdoor locations and atmospheres.

This limited edition, handmade release is a celebration of field recordings, conducted in cherished places, hopefully capturing a memory and a whimsical moment in time.

Featuring Artists: 10 Sui: Leslie Deere: Patrick Farmer: Kaffe Matthews: Riz Maslen: Nadine Richardson: Angharad Davies: Phillip Granell: Dawn Scarfe: Saskia Moore.


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