Studio Guest – Vidal Mongomery’s The Horizon Venture

Vidal Mongomery guests in the studio on 31st May.VM-393x590

The Horizon Venture – an Afro sci-fi soundtrack by bass player / producer Vidal Montgomery – is a futuristic retrospective in sound . Vidal Montgomery’s musical style is underpinned by London street vibe that reflects the Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop and soul which is in the Jazz of today. His bass has been the driving force behind artists such as Courtney Pine CBE, Jazz Warriors AfroPeans, Omar Puente, Jerry Dammers AKA Spatial Orchestra, Carleen Anderson, Orphy Robinson, J-life, Julie Dexter, JazzXchange, Robert Miles.

The funk of future diaspora mind-melds acoustic drum and bass, electronic afro-beat, sumptuous and poignant string arrangements, shrieking electronic distortion pedal rock grooves, lilting spoken word, the gentle tones of the “Suitcase Rhodes”, and of course Vidal’s trademark Electric Upright and Acoustic Basses.

Asked about the relationship between jazz and sci-fi, Vidal observes “I think it’s a good time for jazz in sci-fi because all our futures are being projected by “the media” as uncertain and discordant. Jazz is all about managing uncertainty and discord, with panache. I have a good friend who says, “A tree that has no roots has no future.” Jazz is a type of music that literally makes its immediate future from its ancient past. Similarly, our visions of the future begin with what we already know. Or think we know at least…”


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