Special Broadcast: cjmann and becky sharp – Pieces for Voice and Recorder

Speical broadcast on Friday 17th May’s show is a prerecorded section from cjmann and becky sharp – Pieces for Voice and Recorder.

This piece consists of a series of vignettes constructed from improvisations based on voice and recorder, augmented with other instrumentation, then subjected to extensive digital processing.


iphone shrutibox, voice, nord (cjm)

recorder (becky)


voice, nord (cjm)

Scratch my heart

prayer bowl, temple bells (cjm)

cigarrettes/tea (becky)


voice, field recordings (cjm)

Willing to die

vocal (becky)

nord (cjm)


guitar (graham)

synth (cjm)

recorder (becky)

The Infinite knot

stereo and mono recorders (becky)



cello, voice (cjm)

Synapse misses

recorder (becky)

Gods nectar

special brew cans, voice, nord (cjm)

Died for love(trad arr)

voice, flute (becky)

autoharp (graham/cjm)

nord (cjm)


voice (becky)

voice, harmonium, nord, prayer bowl (cjm)


Becky Sharp – Voice, Recorders

Graham Coulson – Guitar, Autoharp

cjmann – Voice, iPhone ShrutiBox, Nord Modular, Prayer Bowls, Special Brew cans, Temple Bells, Harmonium, Cello, Digital processing.

Becky, Graham, and cjmann regularly perform as Sol-de-muerte connecting folk idioms withelectronictraditions. They have recently had a track “Sentinel” included on the Cold Spring dark folk compilation John Barleycorn – Hail be you sovereigns lief and dear. (www.sol-de-muerte.co.uk)



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